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July 23, 2010


Last night I saw Rusko live for free at the Red Circle Lounge in San Diego. That’s right. The world-famous, England-native dubstep DJ himself — FOR FREE. And the show was incredible. I wanted to describe the show on the blog, but some experiences are best communicated by experiencing them yourself.

Here’s a video from when Rusko was in British Columbia. Watch at least a minute of it, and you’ll see about what last night was like.

Dubstep is one of those things you either love or hate. I love it. I love the way the bass hits you hard, but in a refreshing way, like a blast of water. I love the way so many songs I like can be remixed to fit the genre’s BPMs and rhythm. I love the tension of the build up, and the release of the drop. I love the way you can memorize the beats the way you memorize song lyrics, and how the beats can elicit the same type of emotion lyrics do.

The best way to experience any electronic dance music is to hear it live. Rusko, for example, is great when I’m YouTube-ing his mixes. But there’s no comparison to in person. He skillfully intertwines songs and produces incredible bass lines, but the best part is the way he and the crowd feed off of each other. The relatively small crowd last night didn’t know the exact list of songs he planned for his set, but the way they danced showed they could feel where he was taking them with the music, with every build up, drop and wobble. There weren’t many lyrics in the songs, so it was clear that the experience he wanted the crowd to have was based on the music.

Obviously, not everyone will like EDM. But the music can be really cool. So here are some of the tracks that got me hooked. These are all remixes of songs you may have heard. Try it out, and see if you don’t instantly want to dance.

Rusko’s remix of “Pro Nails”

TC remix of “Nothin’ on You”

Rusko’s remix of “Remedy”

Borgore’s remix of “Sleepyhead”

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